Cute Bearded Dragon Drawing

Cute Bearded Dragon Drawing

Cute bearded dragon drawing: The bearded dragon is one of the most popular reptiles to keep as a pet, and it’s no wonder why. With their friendly personality and wonderful colors, not to mention their ability to live comfortably in tanks or cages that are relatively small, bearded dragons have become a top choice for many reptile enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in drawing your own bearded dragon, we’ve outlined the simple steps below so that you can create your own drawings!

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Before diving into the drawing process, it’s essential to understand the bearded dragon’s unique features. Bearded dragons are reptiles native to Australia, known for their triangular-shaped heads, scaly bodies, and, of course, their beard-like appendages under their chin. These reptiles have captivating eyes, adorable snouts, and delightful patterns on their skin, making them an excellent choice for a cute and interesting drawing.

Gathering Reference Material

To create a realistic and adorable bearded dragon drawing, gathering reference material is crucial. Observe high-quality images or even interact with live bearded dragons to study their anatomy, scale patterns, and distinctive features. Understanding their body structure and characteristic poses will help you capture their cuteness and uniqueness accurately.

Step 1

Draw a circle for the head.

Add a triangle for the nose.

Add two circles for the eyes and draw some lines in them to make them look like they’re open.

Add two triangles for ears and add some more lines inside them to make it look like they’re moving around when your bearded dragon moves around, which is pretty much all the time!

Draw a triangle on each side of his face for his beard, so he looks cute when he sticks his tongue out at you.

Finally, add one last triangle on top of your drawing to give him that nice little crest that makes him stand out from all of those other bearded dragons in your neighborhood (and also makes everyone want one).

Step 2

Start by drawing a circle for the dragon’s head.

Draw a triangle-like snout, then add a curved line for the neck of your bearded dragon.

Draw two curved lines for its body and legs, adding some curves for shading to make it look more three-dimensional and realistic!

Step 3

Draw the eyes.

Draw two small circles for the eyes, using a darker shade of black or brown to draw them in so that they pop out from your drawing. You can also use different colors for each eye to give it more personality!

Draw the nose.

Use a straight line with a small curve at the end to represent this part of your bearded dragon’s face, then fill it in with dark gray or black pencil lead (or marker).

Step 5: Draw on some whiskers if you want! If you’re going for realism here, beardies don’t have much of a beard—just little bumps around their mouths and chins. But if you want to go all out and add some serious whiskers, follow our example and draw them as long lines coming off each side of its face at an angle toward its mouth and chin area. Fill these lines with dark gray or black pencil lead (or marker).

Step 4

Let’s start at the top. The bearded dragon has a huge, bulbous head. There are two eyes facing downward, and they’re separated by a long snout with nostrils at the end. Each eye should be about the same size as half of your finger (or pencil) if you’re using human proportions.

Now let’s move down to where we’ll draw his mouth and beard:

The bearded dragon’s mouth is pretty big, so make sure it fills up most of his face when you draw it! It should look like a big oval shape with a little bit of an eclipse on top—like an upside-down egg shape or maybe even two eggs put together vertically on top of each other with their tips touching each other at the bottom side edges. That’s what I mean by “upside-down egg shape,” but feel free to use whatever description works best for you! Whatever shape comes naturally for you is probably going to turn out fine here!

Next, let’s add some detail to our drawing: In addition to adding some more lines around his eyes for depth, let us also add some dark spots inside those areas (they don’t have any color yet). These will help define where shadows should go later on when we shade in this part later on! And now let’s do something similar over here where there aren’t any other lines surrounding these areas…

Step 5

  • Draw the eyes and nose

The eyes are oval-shaped with dots inside, while the nostrils are small and round.

  • Draw the mouth

The mouth is rectangular with a diagonal line coming down from left to right, which represents its teeth. The bottom part of its tongue is also visible within this shape and sticks out slightly beyond it as well, but not too much so that it looks unnatural or like a mistake! You can use a variety of colors on your dragon’s skin here if you’d like; I chose gold because it matches closely to my bearded dragon’s coloration in real life!

Step 6

Now, you’re going to draw the eyes. They should be large and round with black pupils in the middle.

Since we want him to look really happy and excited, let’s draw his mouth as an open oval (like this). His nose is a triangle shape with two small nostrils coming out of it. The head is where all these features are on our bearded dragon drawing! Now, let’s move on to drawing his body…

Step 7

Use a pencil to sketch the outline of your bearded dragon.

Draw the eyes, nose, mouth and legs.

Add the body of your bearded dragon by drawing a line from his snout down to where his tail will be. Then add legs on either side of it for balance purposes.

Once you have those two things drawn in, draw in a few spikes running down his back and tail so he has some protection from predators!

Step 8

Draw the mouth. Add a little bit of shading to the nostrils. Draw his eyes and add eyelids, but don’t shade them just yet! Now, draw his claws and add a little bit of shading to them, too—just like you did with the tail in step 7!

When you’re done drawing his claws, add a little bit of shading on his legs and tail. You can use whatever colors you want here—be creative!

You can draw a bearded dragon!

Drawing a bearded dragon is easy! All you need is:

  • a pencil or pen
  • paper, or a phone/tablet screen (it’s easier to draw on the screen)

Once you’ve got these things, follow these steps:

Draw two dots for the eyes, and then draw two curved lines to make them look like they’re smiling.

Next, draw two small circles that are slightly smaller than the eyes—these will be the nostrils. Put them right above where you put the smiley faces earlier; that’s how bearded dragons breathe out their scents too!

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Conclusion – Cute Bearded Dragon Drawing

When you’re done, you should have a cute little bearded dragon that looks just like the one in this photo! If you didn’t get it right on your first try, don’t worry—you’ll get better as you practice more and more.

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