FMS BSNL at Bharat Fiber Services


In the ever-evolving landscape of the telecom sector, BSNL has introduced a game-changer—FMS BSNL, a robust online platform accessible at This revolutionary tool is designed to empower franchisees and Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs), offering them a seamless way to manage Bharat Fiber (FTTH) services.

Exploring the FMS BSNL Interface

1. Streamlining Operations with FMS BSNL

FMS BSNL stands tall as a comprehensive solution catering to various functionalities, including:

  • Creating logins to monitor customer connections.
  • Facilitating the creation of new customer/business profiles.
  • Swift modification of services based on customer requirements.
  • Efficient fault monitoring and tracking for rapid service restoration.
  • Generating insightful reports on creations, faults, orders, payments, and commissions.

2. Modules at a Glance

BSNL Franchisee Management System encompasses essential modules such as:

  • Sales (BSNL Fiber for Normal and Enterprise data services)
  • Work
  • Maintenance
  • Accounts
  • Team
  • Reports
  • Commission Reports
  • ERP Invoices
  • FTTH Wallet
  • Helpdesk, and more.

Partnering with BSNL: A Lucrative Opportunity

For those venturing into the BSNL FMS, a 50 percent margin on sales awaits. Local distributors, armed with login access, play a pivotal role in expanding BSNL services, including broadband plans, fiber plans, and air fiber services.

Objectives of FMS BSNL

In a fiercely competitive telecom market, BSNL strategically targets rural areas through the Franchisee Management System. This initiative not only bolsters BSNL’s presence but also facilitates access to fiber services in villages, ensuring connectivity in every nook and cranny.

Who Qualifies for BSNL Franchise?

Eligibility for BSNL Franchise extends to various entities, including Resident Welfare Associations, Telecom Infrastructure Providers, Builders, System Integrators, and more. The selection process adheres to BSNL’s rules and regulations.

Navigating BSNL FMS: A Step-by-Step Guide

3. Logging into BSNL FMS

The process is straightforward:

  • Visit
  • Enter your username and the password provided by BSNL.
  • Click on ‘Sign in’ to access the FMS portal.

4. Password Woes? Resetting on

If you’ve forgotten your password:

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Forgot Password.’
  • Receive and enter the OTP on your registered mobile.
  • Set a new password and confirm to complete the process.

5. Becoming a BSNL TIP: Registration Steps

For aspiring BSNL partners:

  • Approach your SSA/BA Franchisee Manager.
  • Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) for TIPs engagement.
  • Await confirmation and receive your User ID and Password for FMS BSNL.
  • Log in and commence providing BSNL services.

FMS BSNL: Empowering Franchisees

  • No Registration Fees: Becoming a Franchisee involves no registration fees, provided you are a local approved dealer or authorized service provider.
  • Commission Structure: Commission earned by the Franchisee Management System Incharge is processed monthly, with 50% margins on sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

6. Understanding Charges for FTTH TIP Partners

FTTH TIP partners pay installation charges, security deposit, and yearly infrastructure charges as per BSNL norms.

7. Commission Dynamics

Commission from BSNL FMS is credited monthly to the Franchisee holder’s account based on provided services.

8. Authorization and Legality

BSNL Franchisee Management System is fully authorized and legal, aligning with BSNL’s expansion strategy.

9. Mobile Number Updates

Franchisees can update their mobile numbers through the FMS portal, enhancing communication efficiency.

10. Performance Evaluation

Franchisee performance directly impacts the continuation of the FTTH business, with a minimum observation period of 3 months.

Conclusion | FMS BSNL

In essence, FMS BSNL emerges as a dynamic bridge connecting BSNL with local partners, ensuring the proliferation of services into the heart of India. This initiative not only opens avenues for business but also contributes to the digital empowerment of both urban and rural areas. By simplifying operations and offering lucrative incentives, BSNL’s Franchisee Management System heralds a new era in telecom collaboration.

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