How to Check BSNL Data Balance?


How to Check BSNL Data Balance? Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is known for its diverse prepaid recharge plans spread across the country. If you’re a BSNL user, keeping track of your talk time, data balance, and special offers is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore various methods to check your BSNL data balance, SMS, and talk time using USSD codes, phone calls, and online.

How to Check BSNL Main Balance

USSD Code Method:

Dial *123# on your calling app to instantly get your main balance details.

Alternatively, dial *112# and follow the prompts to check your prepaid balance.

SMS Method:

Send ‘BAL’ to 123, and you’ll receive the remaining balance for your BSNL number.


Download the BSNL app from the Play Store or Apple Store to conveniently check your balance.

BSNL Enquiry Codes

Checking Data Balance:

Dial 1236# or 12310# to check your 2G or 3G data balance.

For 4G users, dial *124# to inquire about your balance.

Nighttime Data Balance:

Dial 1238# to check your nighttime data balance.

BSNL SMS Balance: USSD Codes

To check your remaining SMS pack balance, use any of the following USSD codes:

  • 1231#
  • 1235#
  • *125#
  • 1232#

List of BSNL USSD Codes

USSD CodesFeatures
*123#Check main balance
1242#Check net balance
*999#Find sim card number
*444#Check prepaid offers
*124#5#Plan voucher
*102#Active Prepaid plan
12410#Check video call balance
*123#Check validity
*102#Check last call charge detail
1235#Check network call
1232#Minutes balance
*8888#Number check
1234#Check FCR on net balance

Using USSD Codes for BSNL Balance Check

BSNL Main Balance Check

Dial *123# from your BSNL number to instantly know your main balance. This USSD code covers various aspects, including BSNL validity check, internet balance check, SMS balance, and more.

BSNL Data Balance Check

To check your data balance, dial *124# for 4G users, 1236# for 2G/3G subscribers, and 1238# for nighttime data balance.

BSNL SMS Balance Check

For SMS balance, dial 1231#, 1235#, or *125#.

BSNL Plan Validity Check

To check the validity of your BSNL plan, dial 1231#.

Other USSD Codes

Explore additional USSD codes for various purposes, such as net balance check (*234#), last call charge details (*102#), number check (*8888#), and more.

BSNL Balance Check: Alternative Methods

SMS Method

If USSD codes seem confusing, you can check your BSNL balance by sending ‘BAL’ to 123 through a simple SMS.


Download the My BSNL app from the Play Store or App Store to effortlessly check your active recharge, balance, and validity details.

IVR Call

Dial 1503 or 1800-180-1503 to check your BSNL balance through an IVR call. It provides details on remaining data, SMS, and talk time.

Validity Check

For a quick validity check, dial 1231# from your BSNL mobile.

Prepaid Plan Status

Know your active prepaid plan by dialing *102#, 1248#, or 1245#.

Understanding BSNL’s Grace Periods

GP1 (Grace Period 1):

GP1 spans 7 days from the expiry of validity.

GP2 (Grace Period 2):

GP2 begins from the 8th day post-validity expiry and lasts up to 165 days. After this period, the SIM is deactivated.

Best BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans for GP2 Customers

Inactive GP2 customers can revive their BSNL SIMs with the following special tariff voucher (STV) packs:


Priced at Rs 139, this plan offers 28 days of validity, 2GB daily data, unlimited voice calls, and 100 SMSes per day.


This plan provides 365 days of validity, 24GB data, unlimited voice calls nationwide, and 100 SMS per day. Available only in the Andhra Pradesh circle.

Conclusion | How to Check BSNL Data Balance?

Checking your BSNL balance is a breeze with USSD codes, SMS, BSNL app, IVR calls, and more. Stay informed about your main balance, data usage, and validity effortlessly using these methods.

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