How to Check Zong Sim Number On CNIC?


How to Check Zong Sim Number On CNIC? In today’s digital era, our mobile phones play a pivotal role in our daily lives, emphasizing the need to safeguard our communication. A crucial aspect of this security is the verification and monitoring of SIM numbers through the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) in Pakistan, a process vital for ensuring the authenticity of our telecommunications.

Methods to Verify SIM Numbers

Understanding how to check SIM numbers through CNIC involves exploring various networks such as Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Ufone, SCOM, and Onic. Each network has its unique procedures, providing users with options to manage and verify their SIM cards conveniently.

How to Check SIM Numbers

To initiate the process, owning a mobile phone and possessing the CNIC number is imperative. The following sections outline the methods for different networks:

Jazz SIM Number Check

Jazz subscribers can contact the helpline at 111 or visit the nearest Jazz franchise for assistance in finding their SIM numbers.

Warid SIM Number Check

For Warid users, sending the CNIC number to 789 through a text message will prompt a reply containing all associated numbers.

Zong SIM Number Check

To verify biometrically registered Zong numbers, users can send an SMS with ‘V’ to 7911 from their Zong number. The system responds with a list of verified numbers associated with the CNIC.

Ufone SIM Number Check

Ufone subscribers can send their CNIC number, without dashes or spaces, through SMS to 6001 to receive details of verified and unverified Ufone numbers.

Telenor, SCOM, and Onic SIM Number Check

Telenor and SCOM users can contact their respective helplines, while Onic subscribers can follow a simple SMS procedure to obtain information about active SIM cards.

Online Verification

To enhance security, the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) offers an online method to check the number of SIMs linked to a CNIC. By visiting the PTA website, entering the CNIC number, and submitting a verification code, users can access information on registered SIMs.

Limits on SIM Cards

According to PTA rules, individuals are allowed a maximum of five SIM cards per CNIC, with an additional three for exclusive data use.

How to Check Zong Number

1. Dialing the Zong SIM Number Check Code 310924# – (Free)

  • To kick things off, the simplest and cost-free method involves dialing 310924#.
  • Just open your phone dialer, input the code, and witness your Zong number magically appearing on your screen.

2. How to Check the Zong Number By SMS? – (Paid)

  • When simplicity fails, sending an SMS with the text “MNP” to 667 could be your solution (charges: Rs.2+tax).
  • Within seconds, you’ll receive a detailed text, unveiling not just your Zong number but also activation date and owner name.

3. Call the Zong Helpline 310 (Paid)

  • If human interaction is more your style, dialing 310 connects you to Zong’s customer care.
  • For a fee of Rs. 2+tax per call, a customer service representative will confirm your identity and provide essential information.

4. How to Check Zong Number through My Zong App – (Free)

  • Smartphone users, rejoice! Log in to your My Zong App to effortlessly retrieve your Zong number details.

5. How to Check Zong SIM Number on CNIC – (Paid)

  • Two methods exist:
    1. Visit the official Zong website, input your CNIC, and unveil your associated Zong number.
    2. Call 310, provide your CNIC, and get the information from a customer service representative.

6. Make a Call to Your Friend to Check your Own Zong Number (Free and Paid)

  • A classic move: call a friend, but ensure you have enough balance, or use the Yaari Call Offer for free calls.

7. Check Your Phone Number by Taking Zong Advance Loan – (Free and Pay Later)

  • When balance constraints block your way, dial *911# to get an advance loan, allowing you to make a call and uncover your Zong number.

8. By Dialing the Zong Number Check Code without Balance – (Free)

  • For the financially savvy, dial *8# in your phone app and witness your Zong number without spending a penny.

9. By Dialing the Zong Number Check Code 100# – (Free)

  • Another free method: type *100# and follow onscreen instructions to retrieve your Zong number.

Additional Insights:

  • Zong Number Starting Code:
    • Country Code: 0092 or +92
    • Zong Mobile Network Operator Code: 31
  • How to Check the Zong Number Owner Name?
    • Privacy regulations limit owner name access. For legitimate verification, contact Zong customer service or visit a customer care center with valid ID.


In conclusion, ensuring the security of our SIM cards through CNIC verification is a fundamental step in the digital landscape. Utilizing the available methods provided by telecom companies and online platforms empowers users to manage and monitor their telecommunications securely.

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