How to Get Zong Loan? (Zong Advance Code 2024)


How to Get Zong Loan? Running low on Zong balance and need to make that urgent call? Zong has you covered with its Advance Loan service. It’s a swift solution to keep you connected, allowing you to make calls, send SMS, or use data even when you’re short on balance.

Getting Instant Loan

Checking Zong Balance Made Easy:

If you’re curious about your Zong balance, worry not—two straightforward methods exist for your convenience:

Dial 222#: Curious about your remaining Zong balance? It’s as simple as dialing *222# on your device. A quick command, and the information is at your fingertips.

Dial 310#: Seeking a balance inquiry from Zong? Dial *310# and let the magic unfold. This uncomplicated approach ensures you stay in the loop about your Zong balance without any hassle.

To grab a quick Rs. 25 loan, simply dial *911# from your phone. Need another way? Send a blank SMS to 911 and watch your loan amount appear like magic.

Through Zong App

For tech-savvy Zong users, the Advance Balance is just a tap away on the Zong App. Service charges for this convenience are Rs. 3.5 + Tax, deducted upon your next recharge.

For those times when Rs. 25 just won’t cut it, Zong introduces the Super Advance Loan – a more generous offer catering to diverse needs.

Eligibility Criteria

To unlock the Super Advance Loan of Rs. 60, recharge a minimum of PKR 660 in the last 3 months. Even if your monthly recharge is below Rs. 660, fret not – you can still enjoy a Rs. 30 advance.

Loan Mechanics

Zong ensures flexibility with 2 Advance Loan transactions per recharge. Low recharge? Get Rs. 15 per transaction. High recharge? Grab Rs. 30 each time.

How to Get Super Advance

Dial *911# or send a blank SMS to 6911. Alternatively, dive into the My Zong App, hit the loan section, and tap “Get Loan.”

Upon recharge, the deducted amounts vary:

  • Standard Advance: Rs. 15 loan + Rs. 4.5 + Tax service charges
  • Super Advance: Rs. 30 loan + Rs. 8 + Tax service charges

How To Get Zong Advance Balance Loan Code

In times of urgency, a low credit balance can be a source of distress when attempting to make vital calls. Zong, understanding the predicament faced by its users, has introduced a solution to this issue. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to access Zong’s Advance Balance Loan Code, ensuring that users can stay connected even in critical situations.

Prepaid users on the Zong network can now breathe a sigh of relief as the company offers a convenient and free method to obtain an advance balance. This service caters to situations where users find themselves in need of credit urgently, particularly during late-night hours when visiting a recharge shop may not be feasible.

Zong’s Advance Loan Facilities for PrePaid Customers

Zong offers two types of advance loan facilities for its PrePaid customers – the standard Zong Advance Loan and the Zong Double Advance Loan. Both of these options provide users with the flexibility to manage their credit in emergency scenarios.

Zong Advance Loan: To avail of the standard Zong Advance Loan, subscribers can follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial “*911#” from your phone.
  2. Alternatively, send an empty text to “911.”
  3. Upon sending the blank text, a confirmation message will be received from the company.
  4. A service charge of Rs. 5 will be deducted from the next top-up.
  5. This offer is exclusively available to Zong PrePaid customers.

Zong Double Advance Loan: For users seeking a higher credit limit, Zong offers the Double Advance Loan. Here’s how you can apply for it:

  1. Dial “0” from your cell phone.
  2. Upon dialing, you will receive a fast loan of Rs. 15.
  3. A subscription charge of Rs. 3.5 will be deducted from the next top-up.
  4. After receiving the first Rs. 15 loan, you become eligible for an additional Rs. 15 loan by dialing “*0#” or “*911#” from your phone.
  5. This enables you to secure a total loan amount of Rs. 30, which must be repaid along with service charges on the next recharge.

Terms & Conditions for Zong Advance Loans

It is crucial for users to be aware of the terms and conditions associated with Zong’s advance loan services. Some key points include:

  • All standard terms and conditions apply.
  • Visit Zong’s official website for detailed information.
  • A fee of Rs. 1 will be applied to each MB used without activating any internet offer.
  • To check the remaining balance, dial “*222#.”
  • Registering and using a SIM card without completing the proper registration process is considered illegal.
  • Utilizing Zong’s advance services results in a deduction of Rs. 20 on the next top-up.
  • The advance facility is exclusively available for Zong PrePaid users.

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