How to Port BSNL to Airtel?


how to port bsnl to airtel? Selecting the right mobile service provider is a critical decision that demands careful consideration. If you find yourself contemplating how to port from BSNL to Airtel, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, covering both online and offline methods.

Online Porting Process:

1. Generate Unique Porting Code (UPC)

To initiate the porting request, send an SMS in the format “PORT <space> your mobile number” to 1900. The received UPC is valid for 4 days (30 days in Jammu & Kashmir and northeastern states).

2. Select Airtel Plan Online

Visit the Airtel Thanks App or Airtel’s official website to explore and choose a plan that suits your needs.

3. Fill Out Personal Details

Complete a form with necessary details such as address, email, and mobile number.

4. Verification Call and SIM Delivery

Expect a call from an Airtel executive confirming your details. Upon SIM delivery, present valid proof of identity and address along with the UPC.

5. SIM Activation

Your Airtel SIM will be activated within 48 hours of delivery.

Offline Porting Process:

1. Visit Nearby Airtel Store

Physically visit a nearby Airtel store, ensuring you carry all required documents.

2. SMS Porting Request

Send an SMS in the format “PORT <space> your mobile number” to 1900 to generate a UPC.

3. Provide Documents and OTP

Submit documents, UPC, alternative mobile number, and OTP to the Airtel executive.

4. Initial Payment

Pay the initial cost of your chosen Airtel plan.

5. SIM Activation

Your SIM will be ported to Airtel within 48 hours of completing the formalities.

Choosing Airtel Plans:

Airtel offers diverse plans for both prepaid and postpaid users. Here are some noteworthy options:

Prepaid Plans:

  • INR 297: 1.5GB data/day, unlimited calls for 28 days.
  • INR 497: 1.5GB data/day, unlimited calls for 56 days.

Postpaid Plans:

  • INR 499: 75GB data, unlimited local/STD & roaming calls/month.
  • INR 999: 210GB data, unlimited local/STD & roaming calls/month.

Airtel Thanks Rewards:

‘Airtel Thanks Rewards’ is an exclusive program offering cashback benefits for various Airtel services.

Tracking Porting Status:

Track the status online through the MNP website or contact customer care. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter mobile number and UPC code.
  2. Complete additional verification.
  3. Click “MNP Status” to find accurate information.

Benefits of Mobile Number Portability:

  • Choose a suitable network.
  • Use the same number with a different provider.
  • Conveniently switch between prepaid and postpaid plans.
  • Select a mobile number of your choice.
  • Access additional benefits from other providers effortlessly.

Reasons & Requirements for BSNL to Airtel Port:

Consider porting due to:

  • Insignificant network coverage.
  • Fewer plan benefits.
  • Better price compensation.
  • Flexibility to switch plans.
  • Enhanced service and customer support.

Comparative Analysis: BSNL vs. Airtel Services

Affordable PlansYes, cost-effective plans.Plans may be relatively expensive.
Validity of PlansLonger validity.Lesser validity.
Additional BenefitsFree ringtone, unlimited song change, etc.OTT services like Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video.
Network StrengthStrengthening 4G network.Active 5G services in over 500 cities.
Customer ServicePoor marketing, unsatisfactory customer care.Excellent marketing, optimal customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Airtel prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering better services, network coverage, and additional benefits. Porting from BSNL to Airtel ensures an enhanced user experience.

Conclusion | How to Port BSNL to Airtel?

Changing your mobile service provider doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you opt for the convenient online method or the traditional offline approach, Airtel stands as a reliable choice, providing a seamless transition and a host of benefits. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, submit the required documents, and experience a hassle-free switch to Airtel for improved connectivity and services.

Explore your options, choose wisely, and welcome a better mobile experience with Airtel!

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