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Zong, at the forefront of telecommunications in Pakistan, presents an array of prepaid Zong Internet Packages, each meticulously designed to meet the diverse requirements of its valued customers. Let’s delve into the details of these offerings to find the perfect fit for your digital lifestyle.

Zong’s Diverse World of Connectivity

Every offer is a gateway to a unique digital experience. Whether you crave the intensity of weekly wonders, the allure of monthly marvels, or the excitement of socializing, Zong has curated packages that align with your preferences. Navigate through the digital delights, pick the one that resonates with your lifestyle, and unlock a world of unparalleled connectivity with Zong.

Zong Internet Packages

1. Haftawar Voice Offer (Weekly):

Embark on a week of seamless connectivity with Zong’s Haftawar Voice Offer. Priced at an enticing PKR 99.00, this package boasts a generous 1GB data allowance, ensuring you stay connected to the digital world. Additionally, relish a staggering 1000 All Net Mins and a whopping 20GB for WhatsApp. Whether it’s video calls, messages, or streaming, Haftawar Voice Offer has you covered for a week of unmatched connectivity.

  • Internet: 1GB
  • All Net Mins: 1000
  • WhatsApp: 20GB Price: PKR 99.00

2. Maheena Bhar Offer (Monthly):

For those seeking a month-long digital adventure, the Maheena Bhar Offer stands as an excellent choice. Priced at PKR 499.00, this monthly package delivers 10GB of internet goodness, complemented by 2000 All Net Mins and another 20GB for WhatsApp. It’s the perfect blend of data, voice, and messaging to cater to your monthly communication and entertainment needs.

  • Internet: 10GB
  • All Net Mins: 2000
  • WhatsApp: 20GB
  • Price: PKR 499.00

3. Monthly Social Plus Offer:

Zong’s Monthly Social Plus Offer is a testament to the company’s commitment to versatility. Priced at a budget-friendly PKR 370.00, subscribers receive a substantial 20GB of data, 100 Off-net Mins, and 500 Zong Mins. Ideal for the socially active user, this package seamlessly combines data and talk time for a comprehensive connectivity experience.

  • Internet: 20GB
  • Off-net Mins: 100
  • Zong Mins: 500
  • Price: PKR 370.00

4. Weekly Social Offer:

Get ready for a social spree with Zong’s Weekly Social Offer priced at just PKR 140.00. This package delivers 500 Zong Mins, 20 Off-net Mins, and 200 SMS to ensure your week is filled with communication and connection. Stay in touch with your loved ones without breaking the bank.

  • Zong Mins: 500
  • Off-net Mins: 20
  • SMS: 200
  • Price: PKR 140.00

5. Gilgit Baltistan Offer (Weekly):

For the denizens of the scenic Gilgit Baltistan, Zong brings a special treat. Priced at an affordable PKR 110.00, this weekly gem offers 4GB for WhatsApp, 1000 Zong Mins, and 40 Off-net Mins. Stay connected with your mountainous surroundings and loved ones with this exclusive offer.

  • WhatsApp: 4GB
  • Zong Mins: 1000
  • Off-net Mins: 40
  • Price: PKR 110.00

6. Monthly Pro Plus:

Step into the realm of pro-level connectivity with Zong’s Monthly Pro Plus Offer, priced at PKR 1400.00. Unleash a whopping 60GB of data, 600 Off-net Mins, and an impressive 10,000 Zong Mins. Perfect for heavy users, this package provides a robust solution for your monthly data and communication requirements.

  • Internet: 60GB
  • Off-net Mins: 600
  • Zong Mins: 10000
  • Price: PKR 1400.00

7. Monthly Pro:

With the Monthly Pro package, Zong ensures you enjoy a seamless digital experience at a cost-effective PKR 1400.00. Revel in 40GB of internet glory, complemented by 600 Off-net Mins and another 10,000 Zong Mins. It’s the ideal choice for those who demand a balance between data and talk time.

  • Internet: 40GB
  • Off-net Mins: 600
  • Zong Mins: 10000
  • Price: PKR 1400.00
Zong Internet Packages

8. Weekly Pro:

Designed for the weekly warriors, Zong’s Weekly Pro package offers 40GB of data, 250 Off-net Mins, and unlimited Zong Mins at an attractive price of PKR 460.00. Dive into a week of unparalleled connectivity, perfect for work, play, and everything in between.

  • Internet: 40GB
  • Off-net Mins: 250
  • Zong Mins: Unlimited
  • Price: PKR 460.00

9. Monthly 20GB:

Experience a month of seamless browsing with Zong’s Monthly 20GB package priced at PKR 700.00. Tailored for moderate users, this package ensures you have enough data to meet your monthly internet needs without compromising on quality.

  • Internet: 20GB
  • Price: PKR 700.00

10. Monthly 40GB:

For those who crave a bit more, Zong presents the Monthly 40GB package at a reasonable PKR 1000.00. Revel in 40GB of data, striking the right balance between sufficiency and affordability, catering to the needs of the modern internet user.

  • Internet: 40GB
  • Price: PKR 1000.00

11. Monthly 5GB:

Enjoy a steady stream of connectivity with Zong’s Monthly 5GB package priced at PKR 400.00. Perfect for light users, this package ensures you have enough data for essential online activities without overwhelming your budget.

  • Internet: 5GB
  • Price: PKR 400.00

12. Super Weekly Max:

For a supercharged week of connectivity, opt for Zong’s Super Weekly Max package at PKR 420.00. Experience 20GB of data, 100 All Net Mins, and 5000 Zong Mins, ensuring you stay connected and entertained throughout the week.

  • Internet: 20GB
  • All Net Mins: 100
  • Zong Mins: 5000
  • Price: PKR 420.00

13. Super Weekly Offer:

Kickstart your week with Zong’s Super Weekly Offer at an affordable PKR 250.00. Enjoy 4GB of data, providing you with the perfect blend of connectivity for work and leisure during the week.

  • Internet: 4GB
  • Price: PKR 250.00
Zong Internet Packages

14. Monthly Social:

Tailored for the socially inclined, Zong’s Monthly Social package offers 12GB of data, 250 Zong Mins, and 50 Off-net Mins at an attractive price of PKR 350.00. Stay connected on your favorite social platforms without worrying about data limits.

  • Internet: 12GB
  • Zong Mins: 250
  • Off-net Mins: 50
  • Price: PKR 350.00

15. Daily Basic:

For those light on data needs, Zong presents the Daily Basic package at an affordable PKR 23.00. Enjoy 100MB of internet connectivity, ensuring you have just enough to get through your day without any compromise.

  • Internet: 100MB
  • Price: PKR 23.00

16. Daily Data Max:

Maximize your daily connectivity with Zong’s Daily Data Max package at just PKR 49.00. With a total data allowance of 1GB, including 500MB for general internet use and 500MB dedicated to YouTube, this package offers a well-rounded daily internet experience.

  • Total Data: 1GB
  • Internet: 500MB
  • YouTube: 500MB
  • Price: PKR 49.00

17. 1 Hour YouTube:

For a quick YouTube fix, indulge in Zong’s 1 Hour YouTube package at an unbeatable price of PKR 2.00 + Tax. Ideal for those short breaks, this package ensures you stay entertained without denting your wallet.

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Price: PKR 2.00 + Tax

18. Monthly Google Maps Offer:

Navigate the digital world seamlessly with Zong’s Monthly Google Maps Offer, priced at just PKR 1.00. Enjoy a fair usage policy of 500MB, ensuring you always find your way without worrying about data limitations.

  • Internet: FUP 500MB
  • Price: PKR 1.00

19. 5GB Monthly on Internet SIM:

For internet SIM users, Zong presents the 5GB Monthly package at an affordable PKR 330.00. Stay connected with 5GB of data designed for your internet-centric needs.

  • Internet: 5GB
  • Price: PKR 330.00
Zong Internet Packages

20. Internet SIM 4GB + 5GB (4AM-4PM):

Night owls rejoice with Zong’s Internet SIM 4GB + 5GB (4AM-4PM) package priced at PKR 785.00. Enjoy a total of 9GB with 4GB available round the clock and an additional 5GB exclusively for your late-night internet adventures.

  • Internet: 9GB
  • Price: PKR 785.00

21. Internet SIM 12GB + 15GB (4AM-4PM):

Take your nocturnal internet experiences to new heights with Zong’s Internet SIM 12GB + 15GB (4AM-4PM) package at a competitive PKR 1250.00. Revel in a total of 27GB, ensuring you have ample data for your nighttime browsing.

  • Internet: 27GB
  • Price: PKR 1250.00

22. Internet SIM 65GB:

For the heavy-duty internet users, Zong presents the Internet SIM 65GB package at PKR 2100.00. With a massive 65GB of data, this package ensures you have enough bandwidth for all your streaming, downloading, and browsing needs.

  • Internet: 65GB
  • Price: PKR 2100.00

23. 160GB MBB Exclusive Offer:

Experience the epitome of connectivity with Zong’s 160GB MBB Exclusive Offer priced at PKR 3500.00. Ideal for households or businesses with high data demands, this package provides a substantial 160GB of data for an uninterrupted digital experience.

  • Internet: 160GB
  • Price: PKR 3500.00

Bonus Read | Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages cater to the diverse needs of its customers, offering a mix of data, voice, and SMS benefits. The flexibility in terms of duration and the variety of data allowances make these prepaid packages suitable for a wide range of users. Whether you are a heavy data user, a social media enthusiast, or someone who needs a reliable internet connection for essential tasks, Zong has a package that fits your needs and budget. Choose Zong for unparalleled connectivity and explore the digital world without constraints.

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