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Muhammad Yaseen Khan

Hello there! This is Yaseen. I’m a writer on a mission to create awesome content. I work as a freelance writer on Upwork and Fiverr, crafting words for people around the world. But that’s not all – I also have my own blog where I share thoughts and ideas.

Now, when I’m not typing away, you might catch me exploring Pharmacy. Yep, I’m a second-year student pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD). It’s a fascinating journey, balancing words and medicines. Stick around, and let’s explore!

Upwork Profile - Muhammad Yaseen Khan
Content Writer and Copywriter - Muhammad Yaseen Khan


Experiences that shape who I am. From writing for clients worldwide to navigating the intriguing world of pharmacy, here’s a glimpse of my journey.

  • Freelance Writer: Crafting content and copy on Upwork and Fiverr.
  • Blog Owner: Managing and sharing thoughts on my personal blog.
  • Pharmacy Student: Currently in my second year pursuing a PharmD.

My Core Values

Principles that guide me in both my writing endeavors and academic pursuits. These core values form the foundation of my work and studies.

  • Creativity: Infusing imagination into every word I write.
  • Diligence: Approaching pharmacy studies with dedication and thoroughness.
  • Communication: Fostering clear and effective expression in both writing and healthcare.
  • Continuous Learning: Navigating the dynamic landscapes of words and medicine.
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My Upwork Contracts!

Total jobs

I have successfully completed  18 projects in the field of content writing and copywriting on Upwork

Jobs in progress

At present, I am actively engaged in overseeing and managing a total of seven projects on Upwork

Tracked Hours

I have logged a total of 324 hours on Upwork through hourly projects. I’ve delivered quality work on a consistent basis.

mY clients love mE

5 Stars

“Yaseen is an outstanding content writer with a great attitude and values, and also a really nice person to cooperate with! Always bring high-quality work, sticking to the deadline and responding promptly. Great attention to detail and dedication. Every time He researched to bring quality content. I’m constantly amazed by the work result and efficiency! I highly recommend Yaseen for his excellent writing skills and great personality!!”

Alec wU

On Upwork From China

5 Stars

“Yaseen is a wonderful writer who’s able to execute and deliver the content on a timely basis. He’s very diligent in terms of following instructions and responsive to the feedback provided to him, as well. I would highly recommend Yaseen and would definitely opt for his writing services again in the near future!”


On Upwork From Pakistan

5 Stars

01: “As expected, the gig was delivered on time. I’m delighted with the quality of the article, which is first class as always. Great, great, great seller”

02: “Not much to say other than thank you very much to the seller for the unbelievable effort put into completing a monstrous article (20k+). I’m a big fan of this gentleman.”

Theirry Legrand

On Fiverr From United Kingdom

FEEDBACK FROM CLIENTS - Content Writer and Copywriter - Muhammad Yaseen Khan
FEEDBACK FROM CLIENTS - Content Writer and Copywriter - Muhammad Yaseen Khan

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