How to Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce?

How to Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce

Are you ever caught up in thoughts about missed sales within your WooCommerce store? And you’re now searching for “How to Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce?”

Cart abandonment is a common occurrence for anyone who manages an online shop. Customers gather items in their virtual carts but occasionally leave without finalizing the purchase.

You’re not alone in facing this situation.

Astonishingly, a significant portion, ranging from 60% to 80%, of potential buyers who add products to their carts simply disappear without a trace. This translates into a considerable loss of revenue for your digital shop.

No need to worry, though, because a wealth of strategies is at your disposal to rekindle interest in those abandoned carts and transform them into successful transactions.

Think of it as getting a second opportunity to catch a fish that slipped off the hook. By adopting the right approach that we will discuss, you have the potential to recover about 20% to 30% of those forsaken carts.

This article contains the solution to your plan for recovery. After you’re done reading this, you’ll have what you need to reduce abandoned carts, keep the customer engaged, boost your sales, and make your WooCommerce store more profitable.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Understanding WooCommerce Abandoned Carts

Have you ever wondered what is an abandoned WooCommerce cart? It occurs when customers select products to buy, add them to their shopping carts, and then leave the store without completing the transaction.

The strategy is as follows: we send out personalized emails to clients to kindly remind them of the goods they nearly purchased. It’s a little like getting a nice “Hey, you left something behind!” tap on the shoulder. Bring your shopping to a close. They are prompted to complete the transaction by this quiet prod.

Our secret weapon is none other than the abandoned cart recovery plugin, which enables top-tier abandoned cart recovery in WooCommerce. It sends customized emails to clients who leave their carts abandoned automatically. 

These emails act as memory triggers, reminding recipients of the unfinished purchase while tempting them with customized messaging and special offers. What is the ultimate goal? Re-entice them, close the deal, and make the sale.

Why do Customers Abandon Their Carts?

Cart abandonment within the WooCommerce platform can be attributed to several distinct factors, leading to potential losses in revenue.

To tackle cart abandonment in WooCommerce, it’s crucial to address the below concerns and consider implementing a recovery campaign using a suitable plugin. Reasons for Cart Abandonment in WooCommerce:

  • High shipping costs and extras
  • Limited payment options
  • Missing discounts or coupons
  • Mandatory account sign-up
  • Unsecured payment gateways
  • Suboptimal pricing
  • Few shipping choices

Moreover, the absence of preferred payment gateways and the lack of enticing discounts or special coupons further contribute to this issue. Customer’s concerns regarding payment security, especially when encountering dubious-looking gateways, can also prompt them to abandon their carts.

Now let’s come to the ultimate solution.

Plugin: WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

We are going to use a plugin called WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery, brought to you by CartFlows Inc. This is 100% free and is available to every single WooCommerce user.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce - Plugin

When it comes to sending emails, it uses the built-in ‘wpmail’ function or SMTP provided by WordPress. The plugin is optimized to ensure it won’t slow down your shop’s performance.

Ready to Dive In?

Follow these simple steps to unlock the potential of WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery:

Step 1: Install and activate the WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin.

Step 2: Scope out the default email templates.

Step 3: Voilà!

In as little as 15 minutes, this plugin sets its wheels in motion. But how a single plugin could do all this? Let’s break it down into simple points:

Email Snatching: The plugin grabs email addresses from customers visiting the checkout page.

Smart Follow-Ups: If someone doesn’t finish buying within 15 minutes, the plugin springs into action. It starts sending automatic emails. Cool part? You can change them to fit your style.

Email Magic: These emails become like little helpers. They can remind people to finish buying, ask what went wrong, or give out a special discount to tempt them into buying. And guess what? You can send lots of these emails if you want.

Check Out This Example:

  1. First email (1 hour later): Ask if there’s a tech hiccup.
  2. Second email (24 hours later): Gentle reminder to finish buying.
  3. Third email (72 hours later): Offer a snazzy 5% off, just for a short time.

So, this plugin works like a friendly guide, bringing back those almost-lost sales!

Incredible Plugin Features

Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable features that make this plugin a game-changer for your online store:

Unique Checkout Links:

Imagine sending a special link to each customer that takes them right back to where they stopped. 

If they fill out the checkout form, clicking the link brings them to a page with everything already filled in. It’s like magic that makes shopping easier and brings you more sales!

Igniting Sales with Coupon Codes:

Everyone loves a good deal, right? 

This plugin can work its magic and create special, time-limited discount coupons. These little treasures are designed to catch your customer’s attention and get them clicking that “Buy Now” button.

And guess what?

These tempting discounts are sent straight to your customer’s inbox, like a virtual gift waiting to be unwrapped. You have the option to automatically remove coupons on a weekly basis.

Ready Email Templates:

Crafting emails from scratch can be as challenging as solving a puzzle blindfolded. This plugin comes with pre-designed, tried-and-true email templates.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce - Follow Up Emails

No more head-scratching, just effective follow-up emails ready to roll.

Security First, Always:

You can choose to show a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) notice on the checkout page, letting your customers know you’ve got their back when it comes to their personal data.

Integration with Webhooks for Effortless Automation:

If you’re a fan of marketing automation with tools like Active Campaign or Campaign Monitor, you’re in luck. This plugin easily integrates with them through webhooks.

It’s like your tools are having a friendly chat, making your life easier.

Insightful Reports:

This plugin doesn’t just work its magic in secret – it comes with a full report. You’ll get a peek into how it’s diligently working to recover your lost revenue, much like your very own financial expert operating on autopilot.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce  - Insighful reports

By clicking the report tab, you will see the dashboard. It includes the following insights:

  • Recoverable Orders
  • Recovered Orders
  • Lost Orders
  • Recoverable Revenue
  • Recovered Revenue
  • Recovery Rate

With these fantastic features, your WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery becomes a powerful force in reclaiming lost sales and making your eCommerce journey smoother than ever.

5 Tips Recover WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Sales

Follow these tips that can help you recover those WooCommerce abandoned carts and transform them into successful sales.

01. Visible Carts: Spot the Savings

Ever had someone left their wallet behind? Carts are like that, too. Customers forget what they’ve loaded into them. Make your cart visible, don’t tuck it away like a secret compartment. Amazon knows this, and that’s why they keep their cart button on every corner of their site.

If your theme doesn’t come with this magic button, don’t fret. Just sprinkle some WooCommerce Menu Cart plugin fairy dust, and presto!

02. Payment: Offer More Choices

“I only take cash” won’t cut it. Customers want choices, like a buffet. Offer credit cards, PayPal, and more. Don’t overlook the potential of other payment methods.

Imagine you’re at a buffet, and the only dish available is your least favorite. You’d probably walk away, right? The same principle applies in the digital shopping world.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce - WooCommerce Payment Options

It sounds fancy, but it’s actually quite easy with WooCommerce. Just follow these steps:

Head to WooCommerce Settings: Look for the “WooCommerce” option, then click on “Settings.”

Payments Tab: Inside, you’ll find a “Payments” tab. Click on it to unveil your payment options.

Tailor Your Settings: Review each payment method and choose the ones that suit your business best.

Offering only one payment method is like serving just one dish at a diverse culinary event – it’s bound to leave some attendees unsatisfied and unfulfilled leading to Abandoned Cart Sales.

04. Simplifying Customer Queries

Many times, customers leave their carts abandoned because they can’t find the answers they need about a product.

A nifty way to sort this out is by making sure those questions get answered. Picture it like this: you’re putting up a sign that says, “Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!”

One way to do this is by adding something called FAQ, which stands for Frequently Asked Questions. These are like little info nuggets that can quickly help your customers.

05. Send Abandoned Cart Emails for Recovery

As we touched upon earlier, the cart emails spring into action whenever a customer chooses not to make a purchase. They work automatically, integrating seamlessly with your WooCommerce store using the WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce - Send Abandoned Cart Emails for Recovery

So, next time a customer decides to play hide and seek with their cart, you’ve got the perfect strategy to bring them back into the shopping fold.

Abandoned cart emails – a simple yet powerful tool to recover those seemingly lost sales and give your revenue a well-deserved boost.

Ultimate Scan | Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce

Congratulations, you’ve now unlocked the secrets to recovering those abandoned carts and turning them into sales! Remember, it’s like finding a treasure map – once you know the way, the journey becomes exciting and rewarding.

By making your cart visible, offering diverse payment options like a buffet of choices, simplifying customer queries, and using the power of abandoned cart emails, you’ve armed yourself with a toolkit of strategies. It’s as if you’ve donned a superhero cape, ready to swoop in and save those abandoned carts from obscurity.

As you put these simple yet powerful techniques into action, picture yourself as a cart whisperer, gently guiding hesitant customers back to complete their purchases. Use the plugin, wave goodbye to lost opportunities, and say hello to reclaimed revenue.

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